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discharge_workers_m.F90 File Reference

Ice discharge parameterization for the Greenland ice sheet. More...

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module  discharge_workers_m
 Ice discharge parameterization for the Greenland ice sheet.


subroutine, public discharge_workers_m::disc_param (dtime)
 Ice discharge parameters (Greenland). [Assign ice discharge parameters.]. More...
subroutine, public discharge_workers_m::calc_c_dis_0 (dxi, deta)
 Constant in ice discharge parameterization (Greenland). [Determine (amount of magnitude of) constant in ice discharge parameterization.]. More...
subroutine, public discharge_workers_m::disc_fields ()
 Dependence of ice discharge coefficient on latitude (Greenland). [Determine dependence of ice discharge coefficient on latitude. This can be improved. For now I recommend s_dis=1.]. More...
subroutine, public discharge_workers_m::discharge (dxi, deta)
 Ice discharge parameterization main formula, controler (general). [Compute ice discharge via a parameterization using distance of ice margin to coast and ice thickness as parameters.]. More...


real(dp), public discharge_workers_m::dt_glann
real(dp), public discharge_workers_m::dt_sub
integer(i2b), dimension(0:jmax, 0:imax), public discharge_workers_m::mask_mar
real(dp), dimension(0:jmax, 0:imax), public discharge_workers_m::cst_dist
real(dp), dimension(0:jmax, 0:imax), public discharge_workers_m::cos_grad_tc
real(dp), dimension(0:jmax, 0:imax), public discharge_workers_m::dis_perp

Detailed Description

Ice discharge parameterization for the Greenland ice sheet.



Copyright 2011-2017 Reinhard Calov, Andrey Ganopolski Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


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