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OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine pop_d0 (v)
subroutine pop_i0 (v)
subroutine pop_d1 (v)
subroutine pop_i1 (v)
subroutine pop_d4 (v)
subroutine pop_d6 (v)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_d0 ( double precision  v)

Definition at line 270 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_d1 ( double precision, dimension(:)  v)

Definition at line 284 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_d4 ( double precision, dimension(:,:,:,:)  v)

Definition at line 302 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_d6 ( double precision, dimension(:,:,:,:,:,:)  v)

Definition at line 312 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_i0 ( integer  v)

Definition at line 277 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

subroutine OAD_tape::oad_tape_pop::pop_i1 ( integer, dimension(:)  v)

Definition at line 293 of file OAD_tape_dynamic.F90.

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