SICOPOLIS V5-dev  Revision 1420
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calving_underwater_ice_m Module Reference

Calving of "underwater ice". More...


subroutine calving_underwater_ice (z_sl)
 Main routine: Calving of "underwater ice". More...


real(dp), dimension(0:jmax, 0:imax) calv_uw_ice

Detailed Description

Calving of "underwater ice".

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine calving_underwater_ice_m::calving_underwater_ice ( real(dp), intent(in)  z_sl)

Main routine: Calving of "underwater ice".

Definition at line 54 of file calving_underwater_ice_m.F90.

Variable Documentation

real(dp), dimension(0:jmax,0:imax) calving_underwater_ice_m::calv_uw_ice

Definition at line 44 of file calving_underwater_ice_m.F90.