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sico_main_loop_iter_m.F90 File Reference

A catch-all module for openad-related subroutines. More...

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module  sico_main_loop_iter_m


subroutine sico_main_loop_iter_m::sico_main_loop_iter (delta_ts, glac_index, mean_accum, dtime, dtime_temp, dtime_wss, dtime_out, dtime_ser, time, time_init, time_end, time_output, dxi, deta, dzeta_c, dzeta_t, dzeta_r, z_sl, dzsl_dtau, z_mar, ndat2d, ndat3d, n_output, runname, itercount, iter_temp, iter_wss, iter_ser, iter_out, iter_output)
 The interior of subroutine sico_main_loop. If new subroutines / modules are introduced into the main calculation, they must also be inserted here. More...

Detailed Description

A catch-all module for openad-related subroutines.


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